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Moving house

Move in connections are completed Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays). Same day connection applications received after 11:00am may not be processed until the next business day. For further information please refer to our frequently asked questions. If you have moved in prior to today’s date please contact Customer Care on 1300 16 16 68.



I give permission to use the personal information I have provided for credit checking processes.

I/We authorise and request Ezidebit Pty Ltd ACN 096 902 813 (User ID 165969, 303909, 301203, 234040, 234072, 428198) to debit from my/our account at the Financial Institute identified above through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) in accordance with this Direct Debit Request and the Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (Ver 1.9).

By submitting this form, I/we authorise Ezidebit, acting on behalf of the Business, to debit payments from my specified credit card above, and I/we acknowledge that Ezidebit will appear as the merchant on my credit card statement.

This authoriation is to remain in force in accordance with the terms and conditions on this Direct Debit Request, the provided Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (Ver 1.9) and I/we have read and understand the same. I/We acknowledge that our personal information will be collected, used, held and disclosed in accordance with the Ezidebit Privacy Policy.

Pricing information As a tenant in {{ MoveTerms.BuildingName }}

{{result.ScheduleName}} - ${{ result.MinCharge }} ${{ result.UnitRateStep1 }} ${{ result.UnitRateStep2 }} ${{ result.UnitRateStep3 }} ${{ result.UnitRateStep4 }} ${{ result.UnitRateStep5 }}

These are our current tariffs for {{ MoveTerms.BuildingName }} and may vary from time to time. We will give you notice of any variations in accordance with applicable laws and codes.

View your Basic Plan Information Document.

Invoice Delivery and Payment Frequency
You will receive a monthly invoice from us for the electricity consumed. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice. Accounts will be sent to the billing or email address which you nominate.

Payment options
By MasterCard or VISA online or by calling us on {{MoveTerms.PhoneNumber}}
By direct debit from your bank account or from your credit card 
By BPAY By EFT to our bank account

Choosing another Supplier
{{MoveTerms.BrandName}} has been selected by the {{ MoveTerms.BuildingName }} Owners Corporation to supply electricity to {{ MoveTerms.BuildingName }}. You can choose to use another electricity retailer if you wish. However, please be advised that this may require electrical changes to the building electrical network and that network charges may continue to be charged by {{MoveTerms.BrandName}}. Please contact us to discuss your electricity supply.

I have read and agree to the Privacy and Credit Policy on how we collects, uses and discloses personal and credit information.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms of this offer.

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